Thoughts and Poll: ‘If file formats were people: Who’s allowed in your DAM club?’

GIFA few months ago we posted two stories on file formats of choice and the need to perhaps be protective of what formats are allowed in you DAMS and which are not.

Part One: Those Allowed

Part Two: Those Not





Since the articles wenth live, we’ve received quite a few comments:

aniemann states:

DNGs are a problem for me. You say the dance floor is limited…but a DNG with embedded raw uses up more dance floor. Yet, when you don’t embed the raw, you end up losing the ability to use better converting algorithms that will come along later – as happened with Lightroom a year or so ago, for example.

Agreed. If you can afford the extra space (storage is much more affordable now) I would highly recommend embedding RAW files when creating DNGs. You never know when you may need to go back and make subtle adjustments to get just a bit more out of the file.

Lynn commented:

Have .eps files died in preference to an editable pdf created in say Illustrator?

I have been led to believe an eps produces better vector results than pdfs.
For example what would be best to use for a logo than is to be placed into a design document.
Granted PDFs can be viewed by ALL, but is an eps better quality wise?

RAWEPS files are still being used in creative workflow but might be loosing some ground to the PDF format. If you are a Quark user you really have no choice but to continue to use EPS files. CS/CC users have the ability to use both EPS and PDF.  EPS files can have issues when it comes to color management. Key take away: If your creating and sending out files often for printing or for use by others, take the time to ask ‘What format do you prefer?’

PNG, though suggested in part two of the series as ‘unable to gain access to the club’, in fact should be given access.

Jeff Morrison states:

Also strange is your aversion to PNG. I understand the issue with lack of metadata support, but I can tell you that in my experience, most of the metadata was added within the DAM software, not prior to it.

I tend to agree. Perhaps not the sexist file format but because of their relatively small file size PNG’s have lots of uses when dealing with file size limitations and bandwidth. Sure you can’t embed metadata but embedding in all files may not be required in the large majority of workflows.

Sounds like we should settle it via a poll!

What formats will you allow in your DAMS club?

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