Do I Need a Digital Asset Management System?

Com­plete the sim­ple quiz below to deter­mine if your orga­ni­za­tion needs dig­i­tal asset man­age­ment sys­tem for the hun­dreds, even thou­sands of images, doc­u­ments, audio and video files it owns:

Are you currently using an unstructured folder arrangement and inconsistent file naming convention?
Are you burning valuable resource time looking for assets?
Do you prefer to re-create your work because it’s easier than finding your old files?
Do you often end up re-purchasing assets your organization already owns?
Are unapproved files being used by internal teams or partners?
Are there multiple “final” versions and no one knows where the latest version is stored?
Do you work with creative and production applications and would like to repurpose the information from one system to the other?
Do you perform repetitive tasks such as resizing, renaming and converting files?
Are colleagues unable to find assets by themselves and you’ve become the “go-to” person for locating assets?
Do email size restrictions limit ability to share digital assets throughout the organization?
Does a sharing large file with colleagues involve a multi-step process that takes time and effort?
Do field personnel need easy access to digital files such as images, video and other documents?
Do website and marketing collateral materials lack a consistent image and branding?
Do you need to easily protect your work with watermarks?
Do you not have a secure location where files are stored and shared with others?
Do you need to protect large image collections and other file types as permanent historical records?

0-4 Possibly – you have simple needs and a process in place. However, you might want to re-evaluate if the problems you’ve identified in the checklist are having a negative impact in your organization. Perhaps you already have a central location to store files, but would benefit from easily distributing your digital assets to others. A DAM system could help you optimize your workflow.
5-9 Yes. Your organization is having considerable problems that are affecting overall efficiency and productivity. A DAM system will help you organize and archive your digital content such as images, documents, creative files, audio and video clips. It will also provide your organization with a mechanism for easily finding and sharing those assets with others.
10 or more Definitely. Digital asset management is a must in your organization. By implementing a DAM system, your organization will see dramatic time savings, efficiency gains and streamlined workflows.

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About Edward Smith

Edward Smith has a background as a Mac OS X and Windows system engineer, technical trainer, and DAM consultant. In his current position at Extensis, Smith is the in-house expert for all things digital asset management related and contributor to the DAM Learning Center. Edward often conducts customer training sessions, including product implementation tutorials and presentations at relevant conferences including Macworld Expo and the Extensis DAM conferences. You can contact Edward via Twitter or his Google+ profile.

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